Israel on the river

Střelecký island

Discover Israel through its culture, food and fun. Experience Israel on the Vltava River!

The first Israel on the river will take place on May 14 and 15 at the Strelecky island. Enjoy authentic Israeli cuisine or hire a blanket and picnic by the riverside. Experience a truly inspirational weekend filled with music, theater, workshops and talks. Take the opportunity to play backgammon or try the real beach matkot. We will also provide many fun activities for kids.

At the same time, you can support local manufacturers of designer items, delicacies, fashion and accessories with Israeli roots. Enjoy them outdoors at a green beautiful place on the Vltava river.



--- SATURDAY --- 

The gates of Israel on the River will open on Saturday at 10 am.



Dance workshop of Israeli folk dances performed by the Besamim group WORKSHOP
Besamim was founded in 1995 and holds regular Israeli folk dance classes in Prague. At the festival you can enjoy a short demonstration of folk dances including the opportunity to learn a few steps and dance with the group.

Krav Maga, loosely translated from Hebrew as close combat, is currently considered one of the most effective self-defense and tactical systems in the world. There will be a short demonstration followed by an opportunity to try self-defense with the instructors. 

Hummus master competition COMPETITION
We can no longer imagine Israel without hummus. For the Israel on the Vltava 2022 event, we have therefore created a competition in which we invite you to impress us with the most deliciously delightful, creative and original hummus. Anyone can register, just fill in the form.
Hummus will be judged on site by a panel of judges in 4 categories: taste, texture, design and creativity. 3 winners will then be announced on the spot to become hummus masters and receive beautiful prizes on stage.

Poet Lucien Zell POETRY
A little afternoon poetry on the main stage by poet Lucien Zell. Poems inspired by his time in Israel will be performed in a variety of poetic styles from expressive free verse to sonnet, villanelle, quatrains, aphorisms and haiku. The poems will be in English. 

Marina Kantor and Don't End It On A Minor PERFORMANCE
Talks about the development of 25 notes - the melody of Hatikvah - the national anthem of Israel. An evolution through the ages, from the prayers of the Jews in Spain before the Inquisition, to the styles of famous classical European composers, culminating in a soulful improvisational jazz jam - proof that this tune lives on in our time. The spoken word will be in English. 

The Muslim Jew, The Ugly and The Drummer MUSIC
Or MJUD is a Prague-based instrumental psychedelic blues-rock band. Their music can be associated with the atmosphere of a movie soundtrack and includes live improvisations. The music is composed by Israeli Giora Kukui.

Boom Pam MUSIC
The headliner of the festival will be a band from Tel Aviv. Dance with Israeli band Boom Pam to surf rock from the Mediterranean spinning in a Greek-oriental circle with a Balkan flavor, all with an unconventional instrumentation of electric guitar, tuba, keys and drums. Boom Pam have been playing together for almost 20 years and have toured all over the world (Europe, America, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and Japan). They first appeared in the Czech Republic in 2012 at the United Islands festival and then in 2019 at the Color meeting. Since then, their fans have been waiting impatiently for their return. You can look forward to an hour of packed music that won't leave you cold.

Uriel AKA Prince of Persia MUSIC
Saturday will be closed by Uriel AKA DJ Prince of Persia. Uriel came to Prague in 2010 to launch his debut mixtape Royal Mashups. It was the beginning of a love affair between the diverse capital of Czechia and the radically eclectic DJ from Tel Aviv. A rare effort to perfectly blend different sounds in a single set - groove, trap, RnB, reggae, funk, Arabic disco, swing and even techno - has brought Prince of Persia to diverse productions around the world. After 3 years of silence, this festival heralds his return to an exotic musical journey.



Pita Workshop WORKSHOP
Come try your hand at making your own unconventional Israeli pita.

Taste the Hebrew WORKSHOP
Immerse yourself in the secrets and beauty of a language that has been revived after almost two thousand years and is now vibrant with life. Ulpan language school teachers will introduce you to the basics of Hebrew.

Discussion Forum TALK
JCC Prague has prepared a discussion forum for festival visitors, moderated by Irena Kalhousová, director of the Herzl Center for Israeli Studies, who will invite interesting guests to the microphone. In Saturday's discussion we will open two topics:
Why study in Prague? - A discussion with Israeli students across disciplines on why they chose to study in the Czech Republic/Prague.
Israelis in Prague - A discussion with Israelis living in Prague about what brought them here and how they live here. The selection will focus on people who are involved in the arts and social sciences.

Introduction to Israeli literature TALK
The festival will introduce interesting Israeli literary works. On Saturday you can enjoy a talk with translator Lenka Bukovska and a reading from David Grossman's new book. Lenka is a Hebraist and translator not only of books by Amos Oz, David Grossman and Yishai Sarid, but also of plays and film subtitles.


--- SUNDAY ---



Confident self-defense WORKSHOP
Have you heard of so-called Confident Self Defense or Empowerment Self Defense? The ESD methodology originated in Israel and is currently being developed around the world.  It is a comprehensive concept of enhanced self-defense based on strengthening the ability to recognize danger, prevent attack and be able to defend oneself when attacked.
Come and learn and practice the 5 principles of ESD which are Think, Shout, Run, Fight and Share.
The demonstration workshop will be led by Linda Stucbartova, the 1st certified ESD trainer in the Czech Republic. Linda Stucbartova is also a member of the Executive Board of the Czech-Israeli Joint Chamber of Commerce, she is dedicated to innovation and what attracted her to the ESD concept was its practicality and applicability to those with no previous experience in combat sports.

Performance by children from the Lauder Schools MUSIC
Jewish songs and a dance performance to the tunes of Israeli popular songs. The Lauder Schools Choir under the direction of Helena Ester Divecka and the Lauder Schools Dance Ensemble under the direction of Omer Tal.

Diego Bar Bransburg MUSIC
Born in Argentina B.A in 1972, Raised &educated in Israel since 78 till 97’, when he decides to visit Prague for one month , he lives in Prague since then, having three children and an active member of the Jewish community of Prague, as a performer ,Musician, actor and tourist guide.
Diego will play and sing known Israeli songs.

Colibris MUSIC
Colibris Music and Roksan Mandel work with expressive electronic music that delivers addictive beats and melodies. Israeli electronic music producer Yonatan Omer has been playing in the Prague indie/electronic scene as a drummer for years, inventing new ways of playing samplers and synthesizers. Colibris is his new project focused on purely improvised electronic music. Roksan Mandel is a Turkish musician and composer based in Prague. She composes her own songs in Turkish and English. Her style of singing and playing reflects a strong jazz influence.

Tamar Su MUSIC
The musical part of the festival will end on Sunday with the tender Tamar Su. The Israeli singer-songwriter sings in Hebrew and French. At the festival she will present her heartfelt original compositions between folk and pop, songs about love, freedom and alienation. Her music is influenced by various artists such as France Gall, Jane Birkin, Feist, and ethnic influences, manifesting the musical and geographical lineage that connects her home in France to her Israeli homeland.




Vltava and Hatikva WORKSHOP
Music workshop for children. The workshop is designed for children aged 6-12. Capacity is limited, please register in advance.

Discussion Forum TALK
On Sunday, the topic of discussion will be How do Czechs see Israel? Irena Kalhousová, director of the Herzl Center for Israeli Studies, together with colleagues from the Peace Research Center Prague, will present the results of an opinion poll conducted by the Center. In the second part of the discussion, she will talk to alumni of various study stays in Israel.

Sunday's program in the tent will conclude with an Israeli pita workshop for children and adults.





Mysterious bond
The Mysterious Bond exhibition will be placed around the perimeter of the island. An exhibition about the extraordinary relationship between the Jewish and Czech peoples from ancient times to the modern history of renewed diplomatic relations. The exhibition is a combination of student work and diplomacy. The drawings and graphic design were created by students of the L. Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen under the guidance of artist and illustrator Renáta Fučíková. The idea and texts were compiled by Hebraist and diplomat Robert Řehák.

El Stark
Ukrainian artist El Stark, who lives in Tel Aviv, will be on site throughout the festival. El Stark is best known for her designs for Israeli streetwear fashion label Plazma Lab CZ, which will be available for purchase on site. In addition to the opportunity to snag some really stylish t-shirts and sweatshirts, you can also enjoy a live visual performance she will create right before your eyes.

Battlefield Game
At several themed stops within Shooting Island, they will learn about Israel through themed worksheets, quizzes and other knowledge or sports competitions. Everyone who successfully completes the battlefield game will receive a prize.

Not only for children, there will be face painting and a caricaturist on site to immortalize you with an Israeli-themed background.


The entry is free, dogs are welcome.

Follow the official Facebook event to stay posted and don't forget to invite your friends.

The event is organized in cooperation with Prague's Israeli Embassy and JCC Prague and following Israel's Independence Day.

Where you can find us

Střelecký island

Opening hours

SA 10.00 - 22.00

SU 10.00 - 18.00


Lenka Šašková

The principal of the markets, the organisation and the communication with sellers
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Lenka does not like to be called a manager, so she decided to become the principal. It is quite true that MINT is more like a colourful circus than a big corporate company. Before taking over the organisation of the markets, she studied curatorship with a focus on design, founded ÝBRKÝBL: Fashion bazaar and ate a zucchini for the first time.

Omri Goz

Cultural attache
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Omri is involved in the majority of all exciting events and cultural projects that happen in Prague and the whole Czech Republic both ‘over and underground’, and that is why we have him on our team.

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